SAP Basis Administration Training – ECC 6.0 EHP8

Introduction to ERP

• What is ERP?
• Why we need ERP?
• Advantages of ERP

Introduction to SAP & R/3 Architecture

• What is SAP?
• History & Features of SAP
• Central System
• Distributed System
• SAP R/2 Architecture
• SAP R/3 Architecture
• SAP R/3 Application Modules
    o What is Basis?
    o Basis Consultant’s Roles & Responsibilities
    o Introduction to Operating Systems
        • Windows2012 Server
        • Linux

Introduction to R/3 Networking/Communications :

• Basic Architecture & Technology Concepts
    o Single System Landscape
    o Two System Landscape
    o Three System Landscape
    o Multisystem Landscape
• Logging On and Off
    o Starting the R/3 System
    o Starting an R/3 Instance
    o Process Overview at the Operating System Level
    o Assigning Parameter Values R/3 Startup Logs and Traces
    o Startup Diagnostics
    o Database Startup Logs and Traces
    o Before Stopping the R/3 System
    o Stopping the R/3 System
    o Stopping R/3: Error Diagnostics

Profile Maintenance:

    • System Profiles
    • Transport Profiles
    • Client Profiles
    • Authorization Profiles

Operation Modes:

    • Concept
    • Choosing an Operation Mode
    • Setting Up Operation Modes/Instances
    • Adapting Instance Definitions and Operation
    • Modes Operation Mode Switch: Advantage
    • Scheduling Operation Modes
    • Switching Operation Modes Manually

Background Processing:

    • Background Processing
    • Why Background Processing?
    • What is a Background Job?
    • Scheduling of Jobs and Workload Balancing
    • Defining a Job Using the Job Wizard
    • Executing Programs as Job Steps
    • Start Conditions of a Job
    • Definition and Triggering of Events
        o Status of a Job
        o Summary Q & A

SAP R/3 Installation Concepts

    • Pre Installation Activities for (Win & Unix)
    • Installation Steps
    • Post-installation Steps
    • Naming Convention
        o R3SETUP and INSTGUI Utilities SWPM
        o R/3 Directory Structure For LINUX,UNIX

Client Administration

    • Terminology
    • Client Maintenance
        o Copying Client within R/3 System (Local)
    • Copying Client between R/3 System (Remote) Client Import & Export
    • Protecting Client & Client Deletion
        o Monitoring & Verifying Client Copy

Computer Center Management System

    • Overview of CCMS Concept
    • Managing Profiles
    • R/3 Operation Modes
    • CCMS Monitors
    • Managing SAP System Alerts
    • Database Performance Monitor
    • Operating System Performance Monitor

SAP Transport Management System(STMS)

    • TMS Terminology and Concepts
    • Configuration TMS and Checking Transport Directory
    • Configuration Transport Domain, Domain Controller & Groups
    • Configuration Virtual SAP System and displaying Configuration
    • Including SAP systems in the Transport Domain
    • Creating Consolidation and Delivery Routes
    • Configuring External Systems
    • Locking and Unlocking TMS for a SAP System
    • Deleting TMS Configuration

Change and transport System(CTS)

    • Releasing and Transporting Change Request and Tasks
    • Customizing, Workbench, Transport Organizer
    • Importing Change Requests

Database maintenance and architecture

    • Introduction to Database
        o Oracle
        o DB2
        o Sybase
    • Database Backup, Restore & Recovery
    • Archive log backup

SAP Online Support System (OSS)

User Administration

    • Overview of User Administration
    • Managing User Master Records
    • Logon and Password Security, Protecting Special Users
    • Copying, Deleting, Locking/Unlocking Users
    • Explanation of Terms Authorization Object, Authorization, Profile
    • Create/Maintaining Authorization/Profile Manually

SPOOL Administration

    • Print related Terminology in OS/SAP Level
    • Setting Local, Remote and Front-End Printing
        o Managing Spool Requests using Output Controller
        o Create printer in sap

General Admin Utilities

    • Monitoring User Sessions
    • Monitoring Work Processes
    • Monitoring Update Records
    • Monitoring Lock Entries
    • Monitoring Client Copies
    • R/3 System Logs
    • ABAP/4 Short Dumps
    • System Traces

Application Server Installation

    • SQL Client Installation
    • SAP Dialogue Installation

Post Installation

    • Check Installation
    • Client Creation
    • Client Copy
    • Add Logical
    • STMS Configuration
    • Operation Mode
    • Kernel and Patches update
    • Profile changes

Change Request

    • Create CR
    • Release CR
    • Transport CR
       o Merge CR


    • Create Role
    • Copy Role
    • Remove Role
    • Add or Remove T Code to Role

    • Add or Remove Object to Role

Job Scheduling

    • Schedule a Job
    • Monitor a Job
    • Delete a Job

SAP Marketplace

    • Request/Applying and Status of License Key
    • Generate Developer Access Key
    • Open a Problem via SAP Market Place
    • Download Support Package – SPAM
    • Download Kernel Patches
    • Send Messages to SAP

RFC Connection

    • Create RFC Connection
    • Modify/Delete Connection

Background Job

    • Create Background Jobs
    • Modify/Monitor Jobs

Installation Trouble Shooting

    • SAP System Response Trouble Shooting
    • SAP System Startup Trouble Shooting
    • SAP GUI Trouble Shooting
    • SAP Printer Trouble Shooting

Patch and Kernel Administration

    • Checking the Patch, Spam, Kernel Levels
    • Downloading Installing Patches, Kernel

SAP Router

    • Installing of SAP Router
    • Creating Route Permission Table
    • Setting Route String Entry for SAP Router
    • Renewal of sap Router